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What are LNM Parents, Students, PTA members, etc. saying???

- "Learn Now Music is best for busy, professional families!" LNM Parent

- "They are completely prompt and professional." LNM Parent

- "I think I've saved about 15 hours a week with LNM! I can be making dinner, have one in the shower and helping the other with homework while my daughter takes her piano lessons now instead of us all cramming into the car and wasting all that time and gas o travelling and waiting around! Thanks LNM!" LNM Parent

- "Simply the best musical experience my family has ever had!" LNM Parent

- "They have the BEST customer service! They have always taken care of my family's needs!" LNM Parent

- "Finally a children's service with NO annual contract, NO registration fees, NO nickel and diming. They really get it!" LNM Parent

- "Simply the best service we have ever brought into through our PTA programs. I wish all groups were this easy to work with!" LNM PTA, MD

- "My child has severe autism; we were looking for a flexible service with trained professionals to explore his musical interests. He has developed musically over the last 18 months with LNM tremendously. It's the thing he looks forward to the most. Thank you!" LNM Parent

- "My wife has traumatic brain injury. She used to play the piano when she was a young girl. As part of her therapy we have begun piano lessons with LNM. Not only was she able to recall ad retrieve, with the help of the LNM staff, her past skills but she has actually been able to build on them!!! This is progress we have not seen in years. Thank you so much!" LNM Husband

"Learn Now Music has been a part of our School Enrichment program for 5 years. They are the most responsible and professional service I have ever worked with. They are a model of what we expect from all of our participants! Our students and parents love LNM!" PTA President, Loudon County

- "LNM actually sends a LNM sub when the teacher is on vacation, sick, etc. They have all fantastic instructors! We have now been with the company for over 3 and 1/2 years. All 4 of our children take lessons and we have had instruction from at least a dozen of more LNM educators. I have ALWAYS been impressed with each and every one of them! Our schedule has never been interrupted. Their service is professional and seamless. I highly suggest LNM!" LNM Parent

- "My daughter is traditionally very shy. She began the LNM group piano program offered through our schools enrichment program last September. By January she was playing for every person that came to our house and, in fact, she insisted on participation in the talent show at school this last June. We have begun our second year of instruction with group LNM classes and she is just LOVING it! Thank you!" LNM Group Lesson Parent

- "I took guitar lessons from LNM since I was in 8th grade. I am now attending college to become a Music Educator. I am hoping to apply to them when I graduate to become an LNM educator so I can inspire young musicians as my LNM teachers inspired me!" LNM Student

- "My 3 kids all taken in-home group lessons with LNM. What a convenience and with FREE rentals for all the children what a savings for a family like mine struggling to give me children all the experiences I want them to have still in this economy. Thank you! :)" LNM In-Home Group Lesson Parent





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